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What we do.

As former growers, we have specialized since 1974 in irrigation systems which do  much more than deliver  quantities of  water.   They add value, and they protect it. Our pamphlet list shows something of how we try to deliver quality backed by service.

What you need.

To add value, our systems must be appropriate for your needs, very accurate and utterly reliable in your operating conditions.  That will save water, eliminate drudgery, reduce costs and allow you to  distribute liquid fertilizers (fertigation) as and when your crop requires them.  

To protect value, our biological filtration systems can also deliver water loaded with naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and fungi, which will work to keep your plants healthy.  


We have specialized in acid dosage systems for keeping irrigation clean  since 1974 The first applications were in drip irrigation and in mist propagationOur approach to iron removal is  equally proven.  

healthy water.

Our systematic approach to water recycling – The Manchester system – has evolved since 1992, and has been adopted by many growers.  Assays by a British government research station in 1999 showed it to be between 4  and 20 times more effective than slow sand filtration, depending on the time of year.  To see some of the work on this, search fluorescent pseudomonads bio control on your web browser.

Since 1998 we have developed  these technologies principally for our Florimat capillary mats and their associated systems, but we apply them wherever our customers collect or recycle water. 

Further information.

If you are a grower, please click here.  If you are a retailer, please click here.  Our technical pamphlets embody many years of practical experience.  We can usually introduce enquirers to an appropriate, non-competitor referee who can show you what we have achieved for them.

THE NEXT STEP.............


SuperNemos are a group of organically raised nematodes which control a wide range of insect pests. In the experience of customers overseas they work faster and for longer. Further details.

The way ahead.

We don’t want you to lay money out before you have calculated the prospects for its’ timely and profitable return. Wherever you are starting from, we and our network of specialists aim to help you towards your objectives, in steps which you can manage and afford.

Sometimes we provide small audited trials, to prove how our recommendation will work for you. 

Tell us what you want to achieve, and we will try to help. 

Francis Richardson.


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